Month: June 2012

Tips For Vacation Journaling

Routine is the best friend of consistent journaling. Once that daily schedule is broken, however, things get a little murky and one who writes an entry every day can easily find themselves a week behind. So what do you do? Should journal goals only be for days of routine? I am currently finding myself in this situation. On the road for over a week, I still want to keep up writing these memories, especially since I am making them with family and friends I don’t see every day. One tip is to not get discouraged. If you miss a...

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Morpheus Dreams Gives a Convincing Argument That They Are the Best Dream Journal for the iPhone

Dream journals aren’t a new concept, but they have arguably grown in popularity with smartphones and app stores. For those unfamiliar, a dream journal allows you to record your dreams (hopefully as soon as you wake up) and they help you not only record them, but interpret them as well. I’ve spotlighted one before, and now now the creators of Morpheus Dreams have come to me with this compelling argument as well as a chart outlining how it compares with competition in the app store.  Note that the following information is from the developer. As always, I encourage you to do additional...

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