Month: May 2012

Easy Journaling’s Top 10 Posts/Pages

It is hard to believe that it has almost been a year that I have been on this Easy Journaling project, but it is true. The outpouring of support has been great and the stories of those of you who have been helped with your eJournaling motivate and inspire me to continue on this path. I have to continually remind myself that those of you who either frequent this site or are new have probably missed some of the more important posts- many of which came out in the early months. I’ve tried to add a few of them...

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Getting Started With Online Food Diaries- 3 Resources

When you are looking to either drop a few pounds or just live a healthier lifestyle, there are a host of calorie tracking websites available to assist you in this endeavor. They are called a variety of things, but most commonly food diaries or food journals and, as with most online diaries, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors. eI’m not going to toss out any fibs about me knowing something about these food diaries, because I really don’t know much. I’m trying to learn, but can’t call myself an expert in any measure of the term,...

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6 Things to Consider Before Moving to a New eJournal

Call it a blessing or a curse, but one option you have keeping a digital journal that you don’t with handwritten ones is that you can move/duplicate/delete the files. This can be done either purposefully or even on accident if you are not careful. An extension of this ability is that it is sometimes possible to move your journal entries from one eJournal to another. Unfortunately, however, this process is cumbersome at best and excruciatingly frustrating at worst. This is likely because these software developers aren’t looking for compatibility with competitors but focus rather on macing their own applications...

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Easy Journaling Featured- 5 Useful Sites for Journal Writing

I was honored that Easy Journaling was featured yesterday on the popular website! Special thanks to the writer Bakari Chavanu and I hope that you will click through to read the whole thing. Journal writing has a strong tradition of not only helping writers improve their writing skills, but the process of writing your thoughts, worries, and challenges can also be useful. We have written about several online and computer software for maintaining a journal or diary, but if you’re stuck for ideas or wondering about the purpose of journaling, several online sites by experienced journalers might be of help....

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Top 5 Journal Apps for the MAC!

Looking for the best journal app for you? Try our free journal recommendation tool! If you would rather have your journal on your desktop or laptop instead of smartphone, tablet or browser, there are some amazing options these days. If Mac is your flavor of choice, you now have the ability to browse through (relatively) new Mac App Store and find the journal that looks best for you. Better yet, I’ve browsed through it for you and narrowed them down to the best 5 Mac journals and diaries that your money can buy. As you read these summaries and...

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