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My Wonderful Days - haha Interactive

With an app store in the hundreds of thousands, it can be hard to find original names for your apps that still are catchy and accurate. My Wonderful Days had a tough run of luck when, almost a year ago, a new app burst onto the scene with a nearly identical name: Wonderful Days. If this sounds familiar, it may be because I just wrote a post blasting Wonderful Days for being unresponsive to my concern.

Strike two against Wonderful Days.

But back to MY Wonderful Days (which is a COMPLETELY different app by a COMPLETELY different developer). I am actually excited about this fun little application that brings a bunch of the must have features and even throws in a few surprises.

One thing you will notice when you first open MWDs is that there are a few screens to greet you. These not only explain what this journal app is, but also how it works and recent updates. I like this touch since I rarely see it in journal/diary applications. The art and animations are smooth and nice which gives the entire app a quality, high-end feel.

Once you get into the journal section, little arrows and graphics guide you around to show you how to use the app. To make a new entry, there is a prominent button on the right side for easy access. When you go into entry mode, a simple prompt will greet you “Today is…”. This encourages you to start out the entry explaining how the day was and can actually be changed to whatever you like in the settings.

Every day can be rated on a sliding scale at the bottom of each entry. You can also add the weather with beautiful icons for any season. Adding pictures is a breeze and you can include more than one if you would like. Text can be arraigned in a variety of fonts and sizes, password protection is included and entries can be viewed with a calendar.

One of the best parts about MWDs is that it is not only universal, but integrated with iCloud as well. What this means is that if you add an entry on your iPhone, it will almost instantly be synced with your iPad- pictures and all. It would be nice to see Dropbox or Evernote integration, but you can’t win ‘em all.

One thing that I really like about this app that I wish more developers would include is a stats section. With my engineering background, I am a stats nerd, so I was thrilled to see an entire section that shows you not only how many entries you have written, but how many of each type of mood and weather days you have had as well. The only addition I would like to see to this would be a word count.

Ultimately, My Wonderful Days is a keeper and well worth your time to check out. At $1.99 USD it is a steal of a deal and a great alternative if you are in the market for a pretty and well balanced iPhone or iPad journal.

Easy Journaling Rating: 8/10

  • Fail

    One day you will wake up and this app will have completely deleted every single one of your entries.  You wont know why, and they wont be anywhere to be found.  Gone.  Deleted.  Just like that.  An app that has only one purpose, as a glorified “Notepad” …. whose only goal in life is to keep text notes …. can’t even do that right. 

    I was documenting my daily symptoms and progress with a very serious health condition.  My improvement and possible recovery depended on this record of daily events.  My diet, my medications, my symptoms.  Mind you, i could die from this condition.  And I put all my faith in this stupid app to do the one basic thing its supposed to.  Record basic text. 

    Today I opened the thing up and the last 6 weeks of meticulous documentation are completely gone.  My day by day journal of how I was feeling, what helped me feel better, and what made things worse?   Gone.  There are reviews in the app store saying the exact same thing, if you can find them.  They are there. 

    Buyer beware.  And if they dont reply to my email, or ignore me like they did to you, I am going to raise hell.  If Im still alive to do so….

    • Sam

      Sorry! That is the worst feeling and believe it or not but I’ve been there.

      The best way to protect yourself is to find a journal with either backup or export. Backup gives you another copy of the data and export gives you control of your entries. 

      I wish you the best, there isn’t much I can say to make you feel better than that.

    • Michael Chan

       I wrote all details of happenings (for about 2 months) before and after the death of my lovely cat who had apparently minor health symptoms but undergone a major surgery to ascertain if she suffered Feline
      Hepatic Lipidosis (fatty liver). The app froze one day, so I deleted it from my iPad and re-installed it. However, it cannot restore any of all the backup data from iCloud. Very disappointed, and worse, the company did not respond to my three emails asking for help. Though it is a faily good app with an easy interface, it is most unfortunate that the restore is faulty. If you ever want to buy this app to use it, make sure that information are exported to your computer through email asap. This is not an advice but a warning because I can simply enter all data with my computer in the first place without using this app anyway.

      • Sam

        Bummer! This happens so often and it is so frustrating to me. You should read my recent post on how developers should protect our data because, well, they should!

  • Janecsteel

    I have just started diary. Deleted some of 29 December diary. How do I get it back. Will go to pen and paper if I can not get back.

  • Roseonl

    It’s not bad. I’ve been writing since June 2012 til now (Feb 2013) and my entries are still intact. With regards to the complaints about it not being backed up properly on iCloud… you should have taken further precautions because technology is not always reliable 100% guaranteed no matter what the developer says – still I do agree they should live up to their words. I took further precaution by backing up on my computer and itunes every now and then to protect my entries. I still loving it now :) What I really wish is a MASTER password. I’ve suggested this in my review of this app but so far it hasn’t been considered..