Month: March 2012

Be The Best You! (A Special Project From Journal Addict)

While I know my way around the digital world, especially as it has to do with journaling, I have often confessed I don’t consider myself one of the journaling pros. Several of my favorite journal pros, however, have found a permanent home on the right side of Easy Journaling and I encourage you to read their stuff often. Dolly Garland has created Journal Addict to help you be who you want to be through journaling. I am excited to announce that she has an upcoming project and she needs YOUR help! I hope that you will and let us...

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Meernotes For The iPhone Has Become That Little Notebook In My Back Pocket

It’s been a while, but a few months ago I wrote about an interesting little diary/notebook app for the iPhone called Meernotes when it first came out (it was initially called Molenotes). I gave it fairly high praises and it has seen similar respect from other critics and users alike. Unlike other digital writing mediums where every page is essentially unlimited, Meernotes strives to actually duplicate a little notebook by only allowing you to write a certain amount of words on each page. After that you can turn the page (which, fortunately, seem to be unlimited) and continue your...

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