Month: December 2011

Journal App Review: Flava For iPhone Is Both More and Less Than A Journal

How Is Flava Free?! If you are recently switching from handwritten journals to digital (or even currently doing both), simple text entries might be enough for you at this point. That is perfectly fine, but if you are looking for a little bit more, there are special apps like Flava™ – Save All Moments! that allow the user to add entries in ways you didn’t even know were possible. I really like the way Flava is set up. Instead of every entry being the same and just allowing the importing of pictures, links or other media, there are seven...

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Video: LDSJournal Printed Journal Review

The Easy Journaling YouTube channel is here! To kick it off, I have a quick look at one of the most amazing services LDS Journal offers: a built-in printing service. I have used LDS Journal somewhat over the past several years and just received my first printed journal in the mail and had to show you what it looks like. I know that I don’t show the book very much, but that is because I am trying to keep my personal journal personal 🙂 Learn more about LDS Journal’s book printing service here. Let me know if you have...

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How Often Should You Write In Your Journal/Diary?

Journaling 101 Let’s cut to the chase right from the beginning: there is no right or wrong journaling frequency. If you are comfortable doing it every day or just once a year, either way is fine. The most important concept that will make you happy about the experience is your habit matching your goal. For example, if you want to write once a week and you only manage about once a month, you won’t be satisfied. I just want to consider for a second the ramifications the consistency of your journal keeping has on the content within. These are...

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