Month: December 2011

Screenshot Capture Is A Super Easy Way To Journal

Let’s end 2011 with a simple and amazing tip for your smartphone journal or diary app, okay? A few months ago I made a goal to include a picture with every entry I wrote, which is usually every day. This has improved the experience several-fold and also had the residual effect of forcing me to take more pictures of my life and record the early years of my son’s life. Sometimes, however, I come to the end of the day and begin to write my entry only to find out I hadn’t taken a picture for that day, *gasp*!...

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Top 5 FREE iPhone Journals/Diaries

Want to get started in a journal on your iPhone but feeling light in the wallet? This list covers the best available free journals and diaries for the iPhone. Some of these don’t have all of the features that I preach you should hold out for, but then again, they won’t cost you a penny so what will it hurt? Then again, a few of these are packed with the goodies many paid apps have and I’m not sure how they can be offered for free. Also note that there are a ton of other free journal apps available,...

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Modern Journaling: Review by Mari L. McCarthy of Create Write Now

Perhaps the most well known journaling website/blog you can find online is Create Write Now. The creator and journaling expert, Mari, has been more than generous as I have found my footing in the online journaling world often featuring my eJournal guest posts and promoting Easy Journaling through social media. She is a wonderful colleague, and I am honored that she has shared her thoughts about my recently released ebook, Modern Journaling. As always, I encourage you to click through to see some amazing journaling goodness at her website. As you may have noticed, I love traditional pen-and-paper journal...

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Penzu Pro Video Review

I’ve spotlighted Penzu, listed it with the best online journals available and even reviewed the iPhone app. But as far as a real review of the features Penzu offers, I kept putting it off… Until now. Most people are aware of Penzu’s amazing free service, but there is also a paid service that offers a host of other features including multiple journals, customization and integration with smartphone applications. So that you can see what is on the other side of the $19 a year, I have made a video review of Penzu Pro. Enjoy! Sign up for Penzu Pro...

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Journaling Is Statistically Proven To Make Me Happier and More Productive

The title of this post sounds a little funny, but it is actually kind of true. It all stems from something that has been referred to as “life hacking” which is when people devoutly and statistically track some aspects of their life and try and gain results and make improvements from the data. Imagine, for example, that you tracked only two criteria of your life every day: how many hours you slept the night previous and how refreshed you felt at midday on a scale of 1-10. Tracking these numbers for weeks or months would get you enough data...

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