Posted on Nov 28, 2011 | 9 comments

Maxjournal - OmaxmediaI have just taken Max Journal for the iPad through its paces and I’ll have to say I’m impressed. It is almost everything you would want in a journal or diary for your iPad and a little more. That almost reservation is a bit frustrating though.

Max Journal is rather attractive. It keeps consistency throughout the interface, even when you change the color or background. It utilizes the larger screen by allowing you to see the pictures and tags on the side when in entry mode and when in calendar view you can see the text of the date selected in the side bar. Navigation is very speedy. You can jump to a month with the tabs and then you can tap on a date to add an entry. You can add multiple entries for a day if you would like.

It feels like this journal was built for pictures. You can add up to 30 per entry and they look great when you preview them. If you have an iPad 2 (which has a camera) you can take a picture and then include it in the entry. Users of the original iPad will have to import pictures to include with your text.

Max Journal Icon Max Journal has two rare but amazing features: PDF export and multiple journals. PDF export is one of my favorite features because it allows you to take control of your journal or diary. Making copies of your journal in PDF makes it possible to make backup copies of your journal as well as printing copies when desired.

Multiple journals means that you can keep separate journals for different purposes or people. For example, you can keep a feelings journal and daily log or a journal for you and one for a child.

Now to the almost everything part I alluded to earlier. Max Journal is only available for the iPad for one. It would be nice to see iPhone and iPod touch compatibility for more mobility. The other major omission is no true cloud backup. Sure you can export your journal with email or PDF, but many of the other major journal apps have Dropbox or Evernote integration so that your entries are automatically backed up and safe.

Aside from those two missing features, however, I highly recommend Maxjournal for your iPad or iPad 2. Pick it up and I doubt you will be disappointed. See the link gallery for more screenshots.

Easy Journaling Rating: 8/10

Any Max Journal users out there? What do you think?

  • Erarta

    Thanks for the review. Unfortunately it doesnt support other languages (eg i need russian) but apart from that great app.
    Thanks again, merry xmas!

  • Pukfan

    agree with the limitations you noted – especially the lack of an iphone version that I could sync with ipad and hence i keep looking elsewhere. But have tried numerous others and keep coming back to this. Use it daily for meeting notes and diary. Love the multiple journal feature. For backups, I occassionally email myself a copy.

    • Sam

      Multiple journals seems like such an easy feature to include but almost no one does it!

  • Pat Slingsby

    Can you transfer information from ipad2 to mini ipad through iCloud’s the same as photos do from iPhone to ipad????

    • Sam

      I’ve never done it Pat, but my guess would be absolutely. They all run on iOS (albeit slightly different versions).

  • Kristen Eddy

    Yes I agree it’s awesome journal. Can anyone tell me if you can force a page break so that when it prints out as a PDF things don’t get cut in half on the different pages.

  • Geoffrey

    MaxJournal seems to have disappeared in January and hasn’t come back yet. I love this app and want to use it in my classroom but it is GONE. Any idea why?

    • Nathan

      Thanks Geoffrey. I’m awaiting a reply from the MaxJournal folks as well. Let’s keep each other informed if we learn anything?