Month: September 2011

Penzu Just Raised The Bar… Again

In most industries there are a bunch of little guys and there are just a few players in the big league. And no, this won’t be the last time I compare America’s favorite pastime (trademark?) to journaling. Probably. As far as online big league (personal, not Live Journal!) journals go you have LDS Journal and Penzu. In the mobile world there are a few more as well including Mac Journal, Day One, Wonderful Days and Momento. Maybe a few more I haven’t run into yet. Penzu is great enough that this is the third post dedicated to the service...

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How to End a Journal

In the perfect, all electronic, digital journaling world that we are converging into, journals will not end. They will just continue on forever until the end of your life. This is contrary to the world we have grown up in. Bound journals are finite elements. They have a set number of pages and when those pages run out, it is time to start a new one from scratch. Even those who use a 3 ring binder and individual pages eventually run out of space. Additionally, when the time comes to switch from written to digital, or even one type...

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iPhone App Spotlight- Journal + Social Networks = Loccit!

Fresh into the app store is a hybrid journal/social media application called Loccit. It utilizes the features I often preach about such as security and media import while also integrating seamlessly into your journal. When it is all said and done you can either make your journal from scratch, entry by entry; you can have Loccit fill your journal up for you by compiling tweets, Facebook updates and more or you can do any combination of the two into a unique social, but still private and secure (if that even makes sense) journal/diary. Oh, and that killer feature that...

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