Month: August 2011

Encouraging Self-Discovery Through Journaling

When it comes to journaling, I am experienced, but I’m not pro. My expertise is more in the mobile and app worlds and my love of journaling is a nice compliment, especially when in helping others find good digital journals. This is why I am grateful to call in the professionals now and again to really show us all how it is done. Simply Bliss Life is a blog that is dedicated to encouraging awareness through journaling. Monique Halley from Simply Bliss was grateful enough to share this piece about her ongoing Jouranling Challenge. I highly encourage you to...

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Penzu on the iPhone Reviewed

Now this is backwards, isn’t it? I haven’t even gotten around to a full review of the Penzu online journaling service and here I am reviewing the iPhone interface! How dare I. Really. To be honest, I have chosen this method of my Penzu overview because there are so many features included in the service that I haven’t gotten to all of them. Still, I want all of you to know about how great Penzu can be, so this way I can incrementally introduce it. The iPhone version is finite enough that I can tackle it early on… and...

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Journal App Review: My Momentz Is A Journal Minus The Frills

I speak often of features that matter and the number of options journal apps have. But what if all of those features and options were stripped away, leaving only a functional, simple diary for your smartphone? The result might very well be My Momentz for the iPhone, a journal that offers just enough to get by while still working well and coming in at a nice price point, $0.99. Password protection is supported as well as attaching pictures to entries and landscape typing. Emoticons are one of the highlights as they are bright and full of personality. Entries can...

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4 Tech Tools That Can Make Your Handwritten Journal Better

One of my favorite parts of this Easy Journaling project has been the interactions and associations with new friends in the journaling community. Mari L. McCarthy isn’t just a member of the journaling community, she is one of the strongest and most respected voices out there. It has been my privilege to be featured as a guest on her website, Create Write Now,  a few times now, sharing tips in the integration of technology and journaling. Below is a portion of one of my recent posts. I highly encourage you to click through to not only read the rest,...

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How I Trick Myself Into Good Habits

How’s those new years resolutions comin’? I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that you, like myself, have not only discontinued your resolutions, but have even forgotten what they were in the first place. Why are people so terrible at creating new habits? Why is self improvement so difficult? One of my theories is because life is a process. We are here to learn and grow and become better people. If we always take the easy route, we won’t ever improve. One of the most popular self improvement categories is health. Journaling roughly fits this bill as...

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