Month: July 2011

Journal App Review: Molenotes- A Leather Journal In Your iPhone

People love leather journals. Really. They are one of the most searched for items in the journaling industry. My hunch is that this is because we all long for that classic journal our grandparents kept. It is like if we keep a diary in something old and torn it will somehow become richer and more meaningful. Of course eJournaling kind of flies in the face of this trend. We want our journal keeping to be easier, but we still want that classic feel. Hot off the App Store presses is Molenotes, a journal/note keeping/writing app that majors in antiquity...

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Online Journal Spotlight: Penzu

If you do a quick search for an online journal, chances are you will quickly come across Penzu, regardless of the search engine. Wildly popular among both its users and the critics, Penzu offers a private and secure online journal that is as easy as pen and paper. If you haven’t heard of this journaling phenomenon, Alexander Mimran, Penzu’s founder and CEO was generous enough to spend some time answering¬†a few¬†questions for EasyJournaling and to help you get a better understanding. If you have more questions, check out their website, follow them on Twitter or email them (info (at)...

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Journal App Review: Momento

Although a journal/diary app can be nothing more than a text entry mechanism with a password, there have to be features included that not only make it functional, but also set it apart in a rather crowded genre. Momento tries to retain the simplicity that you want while tossing in a bunch of features you didn’t even know you needed. The first impression is the gorgeous, consistent interface. Colors match and a modern/classic feel is achieved. When you first make an entry, you may be a little confused as to why there are so many buttons. This is because...

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