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Photo Credit - Matt McLnerney

Photo Credit – Matt McLnerney

You can only journal as fast as you can input text. Traditionally, most people comfortable with computers can type faster than they can write. But what about writing on a touchscreen? Well, most likely you can’t keep up with a keyboard.

Still, you probably want to write as fast as possible, not only for quicker journal entries, but also for spending less time emailing and texting. These quick tips for iPhone and iPod touch users can help you improve your touchscreen finger dancing.

  • Spacebar Double-Tap: If you are at the end of a sentence, instead of finding the period and then spacing or double-spacing (whatever is your flavor), just double-tap the spacebar. This trick automatically adds a period and spaces for the next sentence. I’m not sure if it is on by default, but if this doesn’t work you have to turn it on by going to Settings- General- Keyboard and turning the “.” Shortcut ON.
  • Autocorrect Laziness: There are a ton of stories where the iPhone autocorrect has burned people, but usually it is very helpful. For long words, it often guesses what you are trying compare Provigil and Lunesta Just press space and it will fill in the word. I also recommend not worrying about the apostrophes in contractions as autocorrect will automatically put them in. Neglecting spelling will speed up your typing as well as autocorrect will clean up behind you.
  • Go To School: There are some great apps to train and test your typing skills. One of my favorites is TapTyping – typing trainer – Flairify LLC, but there are many others.
  • Don’t Look At Your Fingers: Experts say that you learn better if you watch the screen where the words are instead of the keyboard where the letters are. Also note that letters aren’t typed until you release the key.
  • If you are insistent on keeping your journal on your iPhone but just can’t type fast enough, consider getting a full Bluetooth keyboard. I have one and love it!

This excellent post gives more tips with more in depth instructions if you are interested in learning more.

What are some of your typing tips?

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