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Ten of the Most Creative Journal Keepers

When it comes to keeping a journal, these people are pros.  In fact, there’s a lot that can be learned from them about the process.  With modern technology being what it is, it’s easier to share, engage, and even keep journals.  In fact, the digital journal is what we promote heavily here.

Some of the most creative journal keepers of all time include:

1. Julia Cameron.  Author Julia Cameron set the trail ablaze for creative by sharing her ‘Morning Pages’ with readers of The Artist’s Way.  The practice of writing three long-hand pages of prose each and every morning has been applauded and promoted by people of all ages, industries, and nationalities.

2. Rachel Corrie.  Journaling allowed the young activist to document her own account of the war between Palestine and Israel.  Through the words that she recorded, her legacy lives on. Corrie was ran over and killed by a bulldozer while trying to defend a Palestinian family’s home in 2003. A collection of her journal entries, drawings, letters, and poetry was published after her death.

3. Erin Gruwell and her team of ‘Freedom Writers’. When Erin Gruwell, an English teacher in California, challenged her students to read Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl and Zlata’s Diary: A Child’s Life in Sarajevo, they discovered the continuing tragedy of intolerance and misunderstanding in the world around them. Plus, they could see the parallels in their own lives. She then assigned them the task of recording their experiences and the Freedom Writer’s Diary was born.

4. T. Rhythm Knight. Follow the story as she chronicles her son Brandon’s life from AAU basketball star until he enters the NBA as a professional basketball star. Her book, The Diary of a Basketball Mom, was created from the journal entries from the “truckload” of journals she had written.

5. Joyce Carol Oates. In the Journals of Joyce Carol Oates, the writer takes her readers on a journey through her first years as an award winning author. She tells of her travels, her critics, her family, and her friendships with many other well-known writers.

6. Antoine de Saint Exupery. A book was created from the many journals and diaries of Antoine de Saint Exupery, the famous genius behind the illustrated book and best known for 1943’s The Little Prince. In the margins of notebooks, journals and letters he drew small sketches, cartoons, caricatures, and visual puzzles. From this wealth of material, Saint Exupery: Art, Writings, and Musings was created.

7. Ira Wagler. Learn about a different way of living by peeking into the memoir of Ira Wagler. Born into the Old Order Amish religion, his remembrances include his childhood on the farm to his eventual departure from the community. The narrative will let the reader travel with Wagler on his journey.

8. Tim Young. Young’s travel journals will inspire readers to record their journey as well. By following his example and other travelers can delve into the people and their cultures along the way. They should also remember the important points in history and search for how it has changed the area they are visiting.

9. Harshavardhan Reddy Pinninty. A scientist at the University of Hyderabad in India keeps a video diary. He uses his diary to help gain friendships with others in the scientific community. By doing this, he is trying to find ways that science and research can work in developing countries.

10. Chris Kridler. Kridler’s diary is online and details her fascination with weather at It also contains photos of unique cloud formations and devastating storms. It even has an area for kids so they can learn about weather and climate.

From the first diaries painted or carved onto rock walls to ones on computers and tablets, the recording of personal history has been an important asset. With modern technology being what it is today, diaries and journals will give future generations a chance to know our stories. The children of the future will be able to learn what was important to today’s people.

photoCharissa Struble is a freelance writer, social media manager, and internet marketer.  Her hobbies involve traveling, photography, volunteering, journaling, and creating art. Some of the other publications she’s been involved with include: Intuit, Generation X Finance, WiseBread, and Easy Journaling. You can learn more about her and her travels by visiting